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  WomenRise For Global Peace was birthed when 94 year old Eleanor Wasson heard the drumbeat of war that began in 2002 after George Bush took the office of president.

EleanorInfluenced by her friend Marianne Williamson, who has long recognized conversation as a primary vehicle for social transformation, Eleanor invited a small group of women from her community to gather in her home one Monday evening to share their life stories.

Profound appreciation generated through deep listening and sharing motivated the original group of women to establish a weekly circle. Returning every Monday thereafter, we continued attracting other like-minded women. The realization in the circle of how much had been accomplished by every single person present launched WomenRise.

Reaching capacity in the physical space, WomenRise took the next significant step, setting up and facilitating monthly Community Conversations for Peace in the Community Room of the Santa Cruz Peace Officers building. These continued for two years and became the model for community dialog on local political and social issues. In addition, WomenRise seed groups are spinging up and thriving in many places.

If you would like to form a similar circle, here are some hints for making it successful and meaningful:

  • Begin with a simple centering to enable individuals to let go of their busy lives and become truly present.
  • Allow each individual to "check in" by briefly sharing the feelings or issues that are uppermost in her mind/heart. Encourage everyone to speak briefly and succinctly to enable everyone an equal opportunity to finish becoming present. Longer sharings can happen organically later.
  • Check-ins are not conversations, but rather monologues. The person checking in must be given the utmost respect and full attention. Ensure that noone is interrupted during her check-in. This is not the time for response. That can come later if warranted.

Our first public event, a Celebration for Peace on November 11, 2002, generated many requests to be part of our activities. Many of us have felt helpless to effect the painful situation in the world and we in our WomenRise circle have discovered how powerful talking and meeting with like-hearted people can be.

WomenRise circle participants have all experienced tremendous benefits through our on-going conversation group and wish the same for you.

WomenRise for Global Peace
Santa Cruz, CA
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