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Use the form below to send us an email with a question or a message.

If you are planning any actions, please tell us and indicate if you want this information posted on this website so others may contact you. To link your website with us, please give us your information and permission. If you have any great quotes for peace, please share them for posting on this site.

Let us consciously invest our power in that which will bring joy, peace,
and prosperity to all.

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Links to other active contacts
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World Wide Web Department of Peace  |   Let’s Talk America  |   The World Café Conversation Café  |  The Millionth Circle Initiative  |   Tom Atlee’s Co-Intelligence
Natural Villages  |   Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (ATLC)
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World March of Women  |   United for Peace  |   Code Pink for Peace
The Last Epidemic Website  |   The Pachamama Alliance
Ongoing Events
Community Conversations
Circle discussions of ideas, issues, dreams and more.
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Water's Miraculous Message
Human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, and music affect the molecular structure of water, and therefore of all life. Dr. Masaru Emoto and his book The Messages from Water show us the power of intention and thought.
Download PDF version
Why Women?
The qualities of nurturing, kindness, caring, dignity...
What Do We Want?
A new agenda that asks different questions...
Suggested Actions
Spend the day, or any part of the day, celebrating our interconnections...
Why Participate?
These are simple actions that everyone can take, with little funding or planning
Reach & Impact
The goal is to have individuals and groups worldwide from all walks of life, cultures, and religions...


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