Nobel Plea for Justice
"To survive in the world ... we must learn to think in a new way.  As never before, the future of each depends on the goodness of all."

Nobel Laureates, Nobel Peace Prize Centennial Symposium, December 6, 2001

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Water's Miraculous Message
Human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, and music affect the molecular structure of water, and therefore of all life. Dr. Masaru Emoto and his book The Message from Water show us the power of intention and thought.
Lakota Vision In collaboration with Midnight Strong Heart Society, WRGP joins the Lakota Nation at Wounded Knee, SD to help build a Medicine Wheel of Healing, a Teen Center and sustainable housing. Join us in mending the Sacred Hoop. Inspirational!
Gather the Women Global Matrix hosts 600 women from 50 countries at a powerful, interactive annual gathering.

Why Women?
The qualities of nurturing, kindness, caring, dignity...
Suggested Actions
Spend the day, or any part of the day, celebrating our interconnections...
What Do We Want?
A new agenda that asks different questions...

Why Participate?
These are simple actions that everyone can do, with little funding or planning

Reach & Impact
The goal is to have individuals and groups worldwide from all walks of life, cultures, and religions