Peace Projects - Step by Step
To shift our society into a Peace paradigm, please participate in the projects to your fullest abilities.

1. Create the Department of Peace—Insure passage of Bill HR 1673 the main site for the Department of Peace Bill contact information for representatives

Help obtain a large number of co-sponsors to move the bill out of committee and onto the House floor for a vote. The bill currently has 50 co-sponsors. Later, help get it passed in the House and Senate with a healthy majority.

• Contact your representatives:
  - Thank the existing co-sponsors and encourage them to get more co-sponsors
  - Ask non-sponsors to become co-sponsors of the bill

• Obtain organizational endorsements
  - Get the word out
  - Send postcards
  - Initiate petitions
  - Distribute fliers
  - Inform the media of the importance of this tax- and life-saving Bill

• Become a Department of Peace Activist Leader. Sign-up at

Sample Letter to your Representative (.doc)
Highlights of the Department of Peace Bill (.doc)

2. Establish World Peace Flame Day in all States
Across the world, people have lit the World Peace Flame in their homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals and places of worship. It sits on the desks of mayors and governors, police chiefs and teachers, colonels and doctors.
It sits in the heart, a constant reminder peace is attainable and begins within each of us.

• Ask your governor to follow the lead of former Illinois Governor George Ryan and establish January 1 as World Peace Flame Day in your state.

• Ask your friends and family in other states to do the same.

Sample letter to your Governor

3. Become a Catalyst for Peace—Join Carol Hansen Grey’s World Peace Experiment
World peace begins with individuals achieving a state of peace within themselves. Contribute your personal energy towards the critical mass needed to shift the world to peace.

We can begin to do that for ourselves by becoming aware of the "negative" influences in our lives and choosing consciously to transform or shift those influences.

If enough people (critical mass) repeat "ONLY LOVE PREVAILS" whenever exposed to negative energy, then we can shift the consciousness of the planet to a perception that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. This would be a giant step toward achieving a state of peace.

• Make “Only Love Prevails” your mantra, especially whenever exposed to negativity and fear.

• Register your commitment with us.

4. Imbue the Water in Your Life with Peace
Human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, and music affect the molecular structure of water, and therefore of all life. Dr. Masaru Emoto and his book The Message from Water show us the power of intention and thought.

• Tape the words “Love & Gratitude” on your water bottle and your water pipes at home and work.
• Send Love and Gratitude to water in areas where people are suffering pain and sorrow.

Download PDF version

  a water crystal


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